Icelandic Outing

Iceland outing

What do I wear on an Icelandic outing? More warm tights and a charming pair of walking boots, the most elegant of outfits. Iceland outing This is the year of being comfortable so out goes the sexy 10 denier hold ups for thick high number denier tights. For my travel day I opted for a repeat wear of these black holey ones. Again another yearly staple and a pair I’ve had for a few years.

I am sure these are a repeat wear but I cannot find them from the archives. Here are my thoughts but you may have heard them before. Dare I call them a crochet hole design of a good thick soft woolly texture. A good winter hosiery and the holes do stop the cold. At the moment I’m also relying on comfort. My stomach is swelling and bloated and I need tights that cover my belly. These are, and the majority of winter tights do the job and I am pleased with them.

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