Etna is active… again

Etna is active... again

Etna is active… again. Double meaning in this, one hosiery connected and the other is a personal announcement.

So 1, back in February I wore these Gabrielle Etna tights. It was cold and they were perfect. Etna being active is just another way to say they’re a repeat wear.

2, on a personal level. I started this blog because at the time I had just finished chemotherapy treatment for bowel cancer. I was well and needed a bit of a creative outlet. When this post goes live I will have just had an operation to remove a rather large mass on my ovary which from tests so far the doctors think maybe a bowel secondary. Fingers crossed it’s a bit of cheese! I have saved up some posts which I’ll have scheduled to go live over the next week or so but after that I may be a bit silent due to my recovery and the fact that wearing tights will be a bit uncomfortable and repetitive. As soon as the hosiery wearing restarts posts will reappear. I still have loads of stuff to show you which will also be fun to wear.

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