Faux Christmas

faux christmas

This is my faux Christmas post. As I have mentioned before I am either still in hospital or I’ve been allowed to go home and heal, both situations are not ideal for hosiery wearing so this post was aptly chosen for the yuletide edition because of their cheekiness. They bring a little cheer into your lives.

Faux Christmas

Legsavenue “Hardcore net pantyhose” it says on the packet. Quite comfortable, gorgeous design. A crochet style fishnet creating a diamond, criss cross pattern. Having such big holes made them a bit difficult to put on with the holes becoming tourniquets on my toes. Then the interesting bit came along, a slight change in weave. The toes became a smaller fishnet which more or less worked to save my digits but with a bit of wriggling and stretching I did get a couple of strangled toe moments. They are not a thin thread but a thick string so still felt very warming despite the gigantic fishnet holes.Faux Christmas



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