Picture from a Hospital Bed

Picture from a Hospital Bed

This is a picture from a hospital bed. The only thing I was semi looking forward to when I went into hospital was to update my blog with a pair of hospital compression stockings. Yes that’s how sad I am.

So this is what was presented to me. A green toeless pair, that I had on for three days. At first, I didn’t realise they were toeless. Due to my short legs the nurses didn’t pull them up to reveal the toeless feature, so for two days I thought I’d punctured a hole in them with my big toe and then I thought both feet had succumbed to the Hose of Fun big toe speciality. On day three just before I was detached from all my tubes, I realised they were designed with an opening.

My operation went well and on Christmas day I went home. I was sore and tired and very immobile but I was in my comfortable abode. News from the surgeon was that it was a straight forward operation and the massive lump (about 20cm) didn’t look too nasty.

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