I’m causing a stir

I'm causing a stir

I’m causing a stir with these Gipsy Cyclone tights. What a great design! The black on near skin effect of the pattern really make it stand out and the spacing between lines stops it from being boring.

More trailing flowers

More trailing flowers

More trailing flowers today. Rummaging around my hosiery collection I picked these up. Not worn since the beginnings of the blog. So far in the past they were that I nearly couldn’t find a post. Indeed they appeared before the twitter and instagram days. Ahhh a distant twinkle in my eye. When The blog only satisfied my own obsession with non black plain tights. As you can see, a side pattern of trailing flowers. The original post called them trailing daisies and I still think they’re from Topshop. Just look at the bad photo of the original. Two phones later, […]

A Collection of Trasparenze Platino Pictures

Collection of Trasparenze Platino

Here is a collection of Trasparenze Platino pictures. These are the most fabulous pair of tights ever! They are my new favourites! Trasparenze always delivers with their hosiery. This is a black pair of tights with a cacophony of multicoloured flowers embroidered on them. So so pretty, I just wanted to look at them all day. I was the equivalent of a dog chasing his tail.