Tights in August?!

Tights in August?!

What does this mean? Tights in August?! Has global warming changed our environment that much? Well I think a a bit.

So the month started with this pair of tights. One of my bulk buys from China. If you remember I had bought two lots of bulk buy and you will notice in the next few posts that some of these will be of the same patterns. This is one with bows Tights in August?! on them which is the same pattern as my post from March “Bows for the Big Day“. This batch seemed to fit better with a slightly longer leg which meant less tight droppage. I still had to pull up!

Where have I been? Well I’ve been a bit lazy and not posted for a few weeks. I’ve been into the last few cycles of my chemotherapy and to be honest, it’s really taken a lot out of me. I should get back to normal pretty soon and due to the laziness, the rubbish summer and the start of more autumnal weather it means I’ve got so much more to share.

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