Footsie Problems

Footsie Problems

I am not learning any lessons from my footsie problems.

So what are my footsie problems? During the summer months I don’t wear tights. The problem with summer is that I don’t always wear sandals or open toe shoes so what do I wear to protect my shoes from sweaty, sticky feet. Aha! Footsies! I have bought numerous pairs of footsies and each time I’ve sworn not to buy any more. I am very stubborn and cannot take that for an answer. There must be something wrong about the way I’m wearing footsies and I must find out to make them work. Which is why I keep buying them and then give them away.

I get major slippage! Within a few minutes the heel of the footsie has come loose and there’s great discomfort with sticky bare heels and a gathering of material under your arches. I’ve even got a pair that has some rubber on the back of ankle area in the attempt to stop the damn thing from moving. Do they work, not on your nelly!

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