Eeek a Spider!

Eek a spider

Eek a spider! Who am I kidding, I don’t mind spiders, I’ve even had a shower with one. However the one I shared a bath with didn’t get a great deal, it didn’t survive. Here are my winning tights from loveyourlegs and I have had some great responses from the public. A good bold web printed design which is highly visible on a black background. Quite comfy tights with a slight sheer. It’s cold so I need my thick socks. This is my look today.  and I include my own monster!

The more difficult heart shape

The more difficult heart shape

These are the more difficult heart shape pattern. I feel sorry for the humble dot design. Dots never hurt a soul and then comes along these “heart” shapes which are so very indistinct, I misplaced them in the dot category. this is one of the hazards of cheap tights. great when they work. Not a great loss when they ladder but sometimes they don’t quite pull off a pattern. Unfortunately, or luckily, a got a toe ladder so these have been banished.

Dots, I’m not so keen

Dots, I'm not so keen

Spots, I like, dots, I’m not so keen. Last post I mentioned the adoration of a spot pattern. Today it’s dots. Now you may think they are the same thing but they don’t make my heart and eyes enlarge in the same way a spot design does. Maybe it’s because I’m quite short sighted and to be able to appreciate the pattern I have to get quite close and stare. This pair has been designed to be a little bit more interesting by adding a grid feature. From my China batch!    

On a Winning Streak

The cherry has just been placed on top of the cake because I’m on a winning streak. It seems I’m back on the horse and hosiery blogging is still on solid ground. It’s roughly my two year anniversary and to celebrate I’ve managed to win a competition! Yay! Yippee! So check out loveyourlegs for some fabulous tights. The prize will be shown as soon as I receive them, woo hoo double enjoyment, I’ll be getting a package through the post, so stay tuned.

Spotted again

Spotted again

I am spotted again. I do like a spot pattern, I don’t know it but as soon as I’ve got on a pair of spotted tights, a sense of relief passes over me. The pattern never disappoints on a spot hosiery and the bigger the bettter. These are from my China batch, yes them again. I told you I had bought loads! A lovely silky sheer feel to them and in this case a brilliant large spot design.

Secrets of hosiery

Secrets of hosiery

Today I’m goiung to reveal one of the secrets of hosiery. This is what goes on behind the doors of a hosiery wearer.  Yes extra socks to prevent lace tights from rubbing my feet. I usually forget to do this and end up with sore feet for the next day. I tend to find the brightest coloured socks in an un contrastiung pattern to not match my tights. Hey, I’m not going to pretend they’re not there. These tights are my second pair of Golden Lady floral lace. This time given to me by my pal LT, the first sadly […]

Burger and a Pint

Burger and a pint

One of my list of post chemo things to do is a burger and a pint at a place in town. Well it was a burger and a few pints in town. To flush it all down I wore these Emilio Cavallini tights. Superb! It was a repeat wear and I did have some apprehensions before I put them on. In the past when I’ve reworn hosiery with holes in, they’ve become a bit rigid. Not these, lovely and soft and comfortable. Great pattern, even holes. I was so impressed I wrote another post about them. The burger, excellent and […]