Secrets of hosiery

Secrets of hosiery

Today I’m goiung to reveal one of the secrets of hosiery.

This is what goes on behind the doors of a hosiery wearer. Secrets of hosiery Yes extra socks to prevent lace tights from rubbing my feet. I usually forget to do this and end up with sore feet for the next day. I tend to find the brightest coloured socks in an un contrastiung pattern to not match my tights. Hey, I’m not going to pretend they’re not there.

These tights are my second pair of Golden Lady floral lace. This time given to me by my pal LT, the first sadly died when I applied too much pressure and pushed my hand through them. They are an ace clear pattern and because of the material, feels crochet-ee keep you warm in autumn weather.

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