Chinese New Year

I know Chinese New Year was last week and I know I’m Chinese and should pay more attention but I did put on a dress and I did wear some tights. Still on my road to recovery from an operation in January, I opted for something simple and warm. These are Aristoc cotton pointelle tights, brown/mix colour! Think it was from friend LT’s Christmas box.

Dennis is NINE!

I try to stick to a strict hosiery only theme but occasionally I make an exception especially if it involves my dog Dennis. Today Dennis is 9! He still acts as though he’s a puppy and he’s still super cute. He’s a bit of a wriggler when it comes to taking photographs but he doesn’t mind me making him wear silly things. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENNIS!! Seen with Dennis is a Christmas gift from CO. Thought it was a good match. Panda tights to go with a panda dog.