My Little Bro is Getting Hitched

Oroblu azalea

Today my little bro is getting hitched and to mark the occasion I am publishing an actual post. UnlessĀ  my lo tech, small brain, unresponsive fingers do something to sabotage this. I have bought/planned to wear these Oroblu tights today if it’s not hot. The climate at the moment is so unpredictable that it could be temperatures into the high 20’s or rain and sleet in the low double figures. GP soon to be GT is into pink and all that stuff so as a tribute I got these beautiful floral tights to look girly. Also I am very pleased […]

Fishnet protectors

As usual I’m revealing the secrets of a hosiery wearer with this view of my fishnet protectors. If I’m being an optimist then this is a two for one post. Underneath this sexy exterior lies this! An extra pair of hosiery to stop the fishnets from rubbing my soles and causing blisters. The fishnets are Donna Karan signature collection micro tulle and the socks were a freebie with an order from China. Yes they did protect, and yes I was aware of them all the time, and yes the sexy woman aura wasn’t as sexy.


Yes greenies not bogies! I think these are brill! I love the colour and the pattern and being part of the winter selection I mentioned on previous posts, they are great value from the Next outlet. Another fabulous pair of hosiery for the cold weather.