Back to the bathroom

All back to normal, I’ve gone back to the bathroom to take pictures. Autumn is well and truly here and I’ve been so tempted to just wear second wear hosiery. I look at my tights selection and just think everything is too glam for how I feel that day. I’ve tried to remedy this by buying more tights but this time getting a couple of patterned pairs for everyday use, rather than “I have a secret” patterned ones. These are Golden Lady “fashion” tights, possibly called “surrealism”. They have a “sandal toe”, ie no toe reinforcement, a “hygienic gusset” and […]

Hooo Hooo Hoooowwwll

house of Holland blue Houndstooth

Hooo hooo hoooowwwll! I went to visit my old friend Karen and we had a fantastic natter about cancer treatment over a cuppa. Her hubby used to work for the local tights factory and on hearing about my blog gave me a couple of pairs of tights. This is one of them. “House of Holland” blue houndstooth tights. Yes they are very blue and yes they are very houndstoothy. In the light of the house, I decided to wear my new fluffy skechers heeled boots with them. I walked out and in natural light I looked a little more than […]

Non slippage

Have I achieved the impossible by finding non slippage footsies that actually don’t slip? These are Calvin Klein toeless yoga socks. They have a sole grip and individual toes. When my mum visited Japan a few years ago she bought a pair of toed socks and told me how comfortable they were and how they fit her extremely small feet so well. I put it down to the toes. When I found these in tkmaxx, I thought I should consumer test them and then possibly buy more as presents. I’m not keen on in-betweeny toes bits on flip flops so […]

First of 2018-19

This is officially the first of 2018-19 posts. It’s also a rewear of Golden Lady diamond fishnets. A great looking pair of tights. Doesn’t everyone love cheap finds that keep giving. For the eagle eyes ones out there these were first shown under the link above. For the extreme eagle eyes ones they were also featured a few months later as the first post of the 2016-2017 season. They are obviously a great pair of hosiery since I’ve decided on two occasions to start new seasons with them and I guarantee this won’t be the last time you see them.

Marylin natta

Good news these Marylin natta D17 tights are the last stored posts I’ve got and so the next post will be back to normal business and I’ve timed it just right for the new season. Check out the contrasting garter with grid¬† and swirl pattern.

My mind has gone doolally

With all these backdated, saved up posts my mind has gone doolally and I can’t remember a thing about these. Luckily for me I predicted this mind lapse and noted that these were¬† a floral fishnet from Next. Good toe protecting area but then this happened, I must add that my only explanation for this is that my feet haven’t fair well from the chemotherapy I had. These were worn a couple of months after treatment finished and I had to adapt to the numbness I still feel in them. That is my excuse for ruining a pair of decent, […]

What is my Kryptonite?

What is my kryptonite? SEQUINS! This is the second part of the wedding festivities and with rain forecast, I wore tights. Unfortunately not azaleas but peonies! This is Oroblu “peony”. I decided to get a black pair but the natural pair looked great with a coloured flower and pattern. The peony here was in white and grey and there was also another contrasting colour that just looked like shadow rather than part of the design. I’ve tried to get a close up to show you but it’s hard to see unless you look very closely to the real thing. Otherwise […]

Turned out lovely

Well the wedding was yesterday and it turned out lovely. So lovely that it was too hot for tights and the azaleas will have to wait. Instead I got a magnificent post of my 4 year old niece, a whirling disco princess NW. Dressed in spectacular stripes. She is a future fashion blogger herself and is so stylish already that she coloured in this fairy with matching legwear to her own.