Non slippage

Have I achieved the impossible by finding non slippage footsies that actually don’t slip?

These are Calvin Klein toeless yoga socks. They have a sole grip and individual toes.

When my mum visited Japan a few years ago she bought a pair of toed socks and told me how comfortable they were and how they fit her extremely small feet so well. I put it down to the toes. When I found these in tkmaxx, I thought I should consumer test them and then possibly buy more as presents.

I’m not keen on in-betweeny toes bits on flip flops so was a bit apprehensive. Quite comfortable, not much slippage. I will have to try different shoe heights to confirm but with a pair of inch and a half ankle boots, they didn’t move.

I liked them and they were an interesting conversation starter with everyone I showed!

So did I achieve the impossible. No. I thought I had, but on reflection these are not footsies. They are socks. My mission is still alive and kicking!

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