Hooo Hooo Hoooowwwll

house of Holland blue Houndstooth

Hooo hooo hoooowwwll! I went to visit my old friend Karen and we had a fantastic natter about cancer treatment over a cuppa. Her hubby used to work for the local tights factory and on hearing about my blog gave me a couple of pairs of tights. This is one of them. “House of Holland” blue houndstooth tights. Yes they are very blue and yes they are very houndstoothy. In the light of the house, I decided to wear my new fluffy skechers heeled boots with them. I walked out and in natural light I looked a little more than odd.

After a quick trip to the local village shops, I felt they weren’t the most ideal footwear and opted for these grey platformed heeled boots for my excursion into town this afternoon. You decide.

My only criticism is the length. Being “one size”, I experienced wrinkly ankles and the waistband coverage was vast. My whole belly area was comfortably covered and if I tried I would be able to recreate the safe sex scene in “The Naked Gun” film.

2 thoughts on “Hooo Hooo Hoooowwwll

  1. Been looking at these tights thinking weather to buy or not. The more I see them the more I want a pair thought they would look great with a mini skirt and heels for my personal fashion photos showing the true art of wearing as fashion.

  2. These tights are quite stunning and know they would be great to wear and look fantastic on. I will get these as soon as I find them.

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