Back to the bathroom

All back to normal, I’ve gone back to the bathroom to take pictures.

Autumn is well and truly here and I’ve been so tempted to just wear second wear hosiery. I look at my tights selection and just think everything is too glam for how I feel that day. I’ve tried to remedy this by buying more tights but this time getting a couple of patterned pairs for everyday use, rather than “I have a secret” patterned ones.

These are Golden Lady “fashion” tights, possibly called “surrealism”. They have a “sandal toe”, ie no toe reinforcement, a “hygienic gusset” and a “sheer through body with comfort seams”.

An all over grid pattern with dots and a back seam.

In a nearly black colour the over stitching, to create the design, gives off a grey tinge.

In size S/M, it fit very well. No unnecessary extra length to them. Covered sufficient amounts of tummy area. On first glance, a comfy pair.

By the end of the day, sandal toes didn’t really hit it with me, I got holes.

My sharp nails dug in and my big toes started to emerge.

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