Halloween 2018 part two

Halloween 2018 part two. You lucky people the places I’ve been to give you consecutive posts. How many boxes I’ve rummaged through to find this treasure? Well too many! I searched and searched and couldn’t find the tights I wanted to wear but found these instead. I came to the conclusion that I have lots of tights (understatement) and I need to devise a method to store them. This is a fuchsia based black skull pattern. Very elasticky and one of the few original pairs I had before the blog started. Happy Halloween everybody! 💀

Halloween 2018

What’s in store for Halloween 2018? Well today and tomorrow I will be posting. Today spider web tights, worn last year and won from love your legs. They felt a bit delicate after a wash and a years storage but no drifting. I had full confidence in them compared to the body they were in. I’ve been a bit delicate these last few days.

Smelling of flowers

I came up smelling of flowers today. Two trips to the pub for us. Got together for lunch in Lincolnshire with friends and then in the evening, drinks in a local pub. These tights brought out the good weather so are highly recommended. Jonathan Aston “blossom”. As the autumnal season is about to start I put on a spring themed pattern. Am I wishing time away or what. When I initially opened the pack I was a bit worried. The tights looked really long but once on, they were fine and comfortable as you can see.

Reliable Adrian

We can always count on reliable Adrian! With my hundreds of pairs of hosiery, I have made a conscious effort to wear the blogged ones. Yes all my tights are different but when they’re been stored away it’s hard to recognise them. These were great! The waistband had the brand named on them. Hooray, no need to go through past blogs to find them. So these are Adrian floral tights.

Do you remember Heidi?

Do you remember Heidi? It was a kids programme in the 80’s. It was badly dubbed and went on for weeks. I’ve been reminded of it because her friend was called Clara and that’s the name of these fishnet tights by Oroblu. Originally I thought they were a faux fishnet, but they were a fine net pattern instead. The other thing I remember about this drama was the theme tune. As thirteen year olds we had a student science teacher and what are student teachers for? For abusing. This particular memory was of a class of teenagers, causing havoc in […]

Remember my short legs

I remember my short legs just about every time I wear a “one” size pair of hosiery. This again was another one of those times. This is a pair of Aristoc “one” size, all over lace tights. A pattern of swirling florals dancing on a grid base. If my left leg wasn’t encased in a tourniquet every time I pulled up, they were comfy tights. I wasn’t even aware of the wrinkly ankles at the end of the day.

A bit different

These are a bit different. Just like me. These are Oroblu Gisella lace effect tights. In navy blue they matched my outfit a bit better than the other day. I’m not sure they worked. The floral lace pattern was a good distinctive design and the navy lycra was thick and warm. Together, meh! The sandal toes (yes got that description from a previous blurb) just made me worry that my toes would come through the lace insert. We will see.

Oroblu Audrine

These are Oroblu Audrine tights. A net effect criss cross pattern making it look like fishnets. The “invisible” flat seam was comfortable and very streamlining. I liked them.

Two by two

The hearts went a walking two by two. The double row design of Pamela Mann big hearts pattern know something about the weather. Walking two by two they are on a mission. We wore these going back to work in Nov 2017. They are very good performers. I picked up a friend from hospital and they didn’t escape her gaze.