Vera you’re back

Vera you’re back! Where have you been? These are Vera Wang tights from her Simply Vera range. These first came out to play years ago in 2015, the birth year of hoseoffun. Unfortunately I don’t have a post specifically for them but they were mentioned with my minions tights in the November. So grey tights with a ribbed ridge.

Flowers in the attic

I shall rephrase flowers in the attic to flowers from the box underneath the bed. Not as catchy but accurate. One of my favourite designs, this is a Trasperanze pair of hose called “Platino”. A gorgeous colourful flower embroidered onto a black background. I still think they’re very pretty. They were blogged about in April 2017. Being a repeat wear they had shrunk a bit and lay a bit lower on the body than a brand new unworn pair but in my eyes the beautiful pattern makes up for this.

What are these?

What are these? I’m gonna have to investigate cos I can’t remember what they are… I think they are Veneziana’s, I’m gonna have to look a bit further… Yes they are Veneziana “Gilda” tights. Posted originally from April 2016. Not seen these for a while. My plan now is to crawl under my bed and grab the storage box furthest from the edge and wear tights in that box. Hopefully we’ll all get a sense of nostalgia because these should be tights that I’ve not worn for a while. Fingers crossed.

Charnos flowers

I give to you a bunch of Charnos flowers. A fabulous floral design. Good strong bold pattern but my toes made holes so I had to rest them in peace at the end of the day.

Attention! Wolford

Attention! Wolford reporting for duty. What’s needed on a chilly November day? A pair of grey Wolford tights with black side tramlines. Comfort in style. Posted these in August! Not so long ago so proof that I need to do a bit of sorting out to display forgotten designs. They were called “Lara“.

Excruciating pain

Whilst ironing I was thrown into excruciating pain. The first things that entered my mind was 1) I must have cut my toe nails a little too short, I hope I haven’t got an ingrowing nail, and 2) blimey that chemo stuff really messed with my extremities Then the pain got a little worse so I thought I better investigate. It was only my big toe being cheese wired, right where the nail starts. I pulled a bit and I rubbed a bit and the pain subsided a little. Now, two hours later the pain has gone. Phew, I missed […]

Coordinating my outfit

If I was normal I’d find it so hard coordinating my outfit. It’s not difficult and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a bit of guts will do the trick. Starting my invasion of my hosiery storage I needed a wine red/burgundy pair of tights to match my dress. These purple ones will do, and you know what they were perfect. Under the original post of “Gipsy tartan“, it sounds like they were worn during chemo back in 2017

Too many pairs!

I have too many pairs! I have to post quite a few rewears and I need to stop buying new ones. My source of retail therapy gone, what can I shop for now? Ahhhhhhh! My problem with repeat wear posting is my laziness. I grab the nearest store of tights and pick a random pair. This means the nearest store isn’t the box where I’ve painstakingly collected toilet rolls and carefully inserted a pair of freshly laundered hosiery and then meticulously labelled with brand and name. It’s the latest pile of clean tights that are waiting to be catalogued on […]