Too many pairs!

I have too many pairs! I have to post quite a few rewears and I need to stop buying new ones. My source of retail therapy gone, what can I shop for now? Ahhhhhhh!

My problem with repeat wear posting is my laziness. I grab the nearest store of tights and pick a random pair. This means the nearest store isn’t the box where I’ve painstakingly collected toilet rolls and carefully inserted a pair of freshly laundered hosiery and then meticulously labelled with brand and name. It’s the latest pile of clean tights that are waiting to be catalogued on my spare bed or stuffed into a carrier bag under the bed because I’ve had overnight visitors. So my rewears tend to be recent posts themselves. If I’m organised, which I’m sure I will be, they will be from vintage posts. Well that’s what I’ll be planning.

So here is Oroblu Lucilla, chosen via the first method. Nearest, appropriate clean pair. Blog “Oroblu weather” on the 21st March 2018,

4 thoughts on “Too many pairs!

  1. Never too many pairs so am told and those Oroblu tights pictured been thinking of getting them. I myself have thought I have to many but then I see another pair and think I need those so I buy them. I could wear a pair a day for 2 years and still have a few more lol.

  2. Have so many pairs that could wear a pair a day for 2 tears and still have more. Am always finding more that I like is a wonderful fashion look plus the benefits of wearing like warmth , support look , feel etc.

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