Excruciating pain

Whilst ironing I was thrown into excruciating pain. The first things that entered my mind was

1) I must have cut my toe nails a little too short, I hope I haven’t got an ingrowing nail, and

2) blimey that chemo stuff really messed with my extremities

Then the pain got a little worse so I thought I better investigate. It was only my big toe being cheese wired, right where the nail starts. I pulled a bit and I rubbed a bit and the pain subsided a little. Now, two hours later the pain has gone. Phew, I missed amputation for another day.

Unfortunately with a pair of tights as holey as these, toe strangulation is extremely normal. The other warning I must give is “foot through gaps” syndrome when putting them on. After a couple of attempts, using my normal method of stick foot in and pull up. I changed tack and used the gather hosiery all the way to the ends and unravel over toes towards thighs. It worked for these legsavenue fishnets. Last posted December 2016.

Again I was impressed by the change of weave around the toes.

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