Getting into the Christmas mood

Was I finally getting into the Christmas mood? Mebbe especially with these winter wonderland tights. An extremely reliable cold weather warmer. Worn and not washed properly numerous times. There are a few thinning areas and they do slide down creating saggy crotch but they’re good for Christmas and they do have a dash of colour. Not many more wears from them so enjoy whilst they last.

A Christmas Italian

Our work’s do was a Christmas Italian. A quicky job cos we never want to think about Xmas too early. I wore a dress that I’ve had in my cupboard for a few years, bought when I was in denial that my cancer had spread. Luckily it fit, phew! Was going to wear a pair of sheer patterned tights but that day was the day when the forecasts were talking about freezing rain. So what did I have instead. Well you can never say no to a pair of red and orange stripy hosiery. I pretended it was for Christmas […]

Now is the time for woolly tights

Now is the time for woolly tights. What makes these cold, dark, long winters seem not as cold, dark and long. Of course the answer is and will always be a pair of funky wooly tights. These are a pair of oldey, goody ones by Elle I think. Dark blue background with orange daisies to put a smile onto your face.

From one extreme to the other

From one extreme to the other. Last post was a supermarket sale item. This week is another showing of these crane tights from thehumanmade. Ok not quite on the other extreme pricewise (we could be talking Wolford) but for the majority of people it’s a hefty price to cough up for a pair of hosiery. I’m not criticising but at least there are sites out there to review them. I love these tights because of the beautiful patterns they produce. Got these for my birthday and finally wore them in March 2017, “human made crane“. Totally one offs which you […]

It’s snowing glitter spots

It’s snowing glitter spots! These are Morrisons tights.These were first worn in January 2016 under “quick post“. Just proof that you can have fun with hosiery without breaking the bank. All you need is a bit of shopping know how and courage. Sale goods are always quirky and there are too many boring black lycra legs out there. Use Christmas as an excuse to be daring and then don’t stop.

Christmas comes early

Christmas comes early to hoseoffun. I bought myself an early gift. Look at these beauties! These are Gatta “Ars Armandi” holdups. Three fabulous patterns to choose from. I couldn’t so bought a pair of each. Love the designs, a little bit of naughtiness that only I know.

I must be missing the summer

I have worn quite a few floral tights lately so I must be missing the summer. These are Aristoc florals. Good pattern and they just glided on ignoring my dry skin and rotten nails. See post “Flowers for Summer” from 2016

What do you reckon?

What do you reckon these are? I found them boxless but with bag. They look “house of Hollandy to me and I was given a few pairs from my friend Karen who had links to the hosiery business. These are a dramatic squares, slashes, cheque design. A good blocky pattern.

Bacara to yesterday

Bacara to yesterday! I is so clever with them words. These Gabrielle “bacara” tights were worn in December 2015 under the post of The Joy of Yesterday. A geometric pattern of squares it was punchy and was a greatly admired design.