From one extreme to the other

From one extreme to the other. Last post was a supermarket sale item. This week is another showing of these crane tights from thehumanmade. Ok not quite on the other extreme pricewise (we could be talking Wolford) but for the majority of people it’s a hefty price to cough up for a pair of hosiery. I’m not criticising but at least there are sites out there to review them.

I love these tights because of the beautiful patterns they produce. Got these for my birthday and finally wore them in March 2017, “human made crane“. Totally one offs which you definitely don’t see walking around. However they only come in one size so for my short legs there is a lot of wrinkling and gather at my ankles so it does give the impression that I’ve got oversized leggings on.

For a lot of people these would make a gorgeous present and yes it doesn’t look like a big gift but the best things in life come in small packages. The unboxing of these is a joy, see post “my birthday” from November 2016.

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