Orublu mishap

Had an Orublu mishap with these tights. Great sturdy tights, with a standout geometric pattern. All angular to mean business, don’t mess with me attitude. I work with adhesive labels and accidentally stuck one on my leg which wrecked the hosiery. However I didn’t notice for some hours due to the nude part of the tights and so no one else knew unless I pointed it out to them. Luckily for me it wasn’t a newly opened pair and I have had a few happy wears out of them.

Slipper socks

Yes I’m including slipper socks! If socks are part of my repertoire then slipper socks are too. I like to treat slipper socks like socks but due to their extra thickness I can’t wear them with my slippers so have to wear them as boots. These super cute, super soft totes kept me cosy and warm whilst catching up on those seasonal Christmas TV specials post Xmas holidays. Again from my bbf LT stash.

Back to the conventional

We went back to the conventional Elle tights today. Thick, woolly, stripy blue and ochre with a foot. As with all thicker tights a bit of falling downness but so long as you’re not having a shopping day it’s ok to keep pulling them up in the comfort of a friend’s house.

Lolita look?

Is this a Lolita look? As part of my Christmas bundle, this Elle brand floral caught my eye when I wanted something a bit more feminine. I thought it was a pair of sheer tights with a pattern of pink flowers on a black background. They turned out to be pink flowers on a mottled background. Quite strange really. All they needed was an addition of a knee joint print and the doll look would be completed.

Sparkling into the New Year

Yes I’m sparkling into the New Year with these stunners. Well that’s what I’m telling you. I actually wore these on Christmas day. Fresh new chrimbo hosiery from my goodies from my bbf LT. Unfortunately due to my new year post Christmas tidy up I’ve chucked the packaging away and I can’t remember what brand they are. Hey I tell you something. If I look at the waistband, they might be branded. So for you guys I’m gonna rummage around in the dirty laundry basket. The tights did indeed give me an answer, they are Falke hosiery. Hurray! I knew […]

Sick of leftovers

Sick of leftovers yet? Hopefully you all have very convenient freezers that store any uneaten food. Certainly in my house I will be able to enjoy my Christmas turkey for the next few months and not get sick of it. Unlike my terrine which I had to have for the following 5 lunches after Christmas. These are Christmas preparation tights, so leftovers. Hope you can all see the snowflakes at the top. Pretty Polly hosiery. They always try to do season themed patterns. I have published an Instagram post a few days before this but due to my lacking tech […]