Sick of leftovers

Sick of leftovers yet? Hopefully you all have very convenient freezers that store any uneaten food. Certainly in my house I will be able to enjoy my Christmas turkey for the next few months and not get sick of it. Unlike my terrine which I had to have for the following 5 lunches after Christmas.

These are Christmas preparation tights, so leftovers. Hope you can all see the snowflakes at the top. Pretty Polly hosiery. They always try to do season themed patterns.

I have published an Instagram post a few days before this but due to my lacking tech skills I’ve not been able to transfer into wordpress. That will eventually get done but I need my resident expert for guidance.

One thought on “Sick of leftovers

  1. I can see the snowflakes and I have Pretty Polly snowflake tights but they have the snowflakes all over and they look fantastic on.

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