Sparkling into the New Year

Yes I’m sparkling into the New Year with these stunners. Well that’s what I’m telling you. I actually wore these on Christmas day. Fresh new chrimbo hosiery from my goodies from my bbf LT. Unfortunately due to my new year post Christmas tidy up I’ve chucked the packaging away and I can’t remember what brand they are.

Hey I tell you something. If I look at the waistband, they might be branded. So for you guys I’m gonna rummage around in the dirty laundry basket.

The tights did indeed give me an answer, they are Falke hosiery. Hurray! I knew my Spidey sense would come through especially after sharing a bath with a rather chunky specimen. Fright of my life when it landed on my knee!

One thought on “Sparkling into the New Year

  1. They do have a magnificent glitter look love them. Now these I would love to get in the photo they look terrific on your legs and am sure they would look great on mine.

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