What! These again

What! These again I hear you shout. Well this is what happens when a girl is cold and possesses a fine pair of tights. These are Falke tights. Stripy orange, red, burgundy footwear that always keeps me warm and always looks funky. Still years of happiness left in these stockings.

Trasparenze armonica

These trasparenze armonica tights were probably one of the first pairs of hosiery that made me think that this blog could work. Find it from October 2015 They’re here again for our enjoyment.

Lara Lara laughs

We’re having a Lara Lara laughs with these Wolford tights. Soft, comfortable, who could ask for more. This is why these are a constant repeat wear.

What’s so funny?

What’s so funny? My tights obviously! These are “funny” tights by Oroblu. That’s their name not the ha ha funny. A grey and black interlocking zig zag design creating a grid. I liked them a lot, comfy and fun but not silly.

Kick-start my mojo to blog

I need to kick-start my mojo to blog. It’s been ages so here it goes… Dropping hearts onto a bed of hearts is this design. Mirrored/reversed on the other leg. They are a pale shade of nude which made me a bit self conscious but I then realised they’re no better than my present leg shade. For some bizarre reason I think my legs are a lovely builders tea colour eventhough I never sit in the sun and I don’t believe in trumping them.