Walking Gear

This was my walking gear for a day out with friends at Rutland Water. Trust Hoseoffun to always try to glam up any occasion, either that or people just think I’m completely bonkers. Green fishnets from ASOS was what I opted for and as you all know fishnets on bare feet can cause blisters and chafing. Usually I put on a pair of socks over the tights but what about under the tights, would that be better? Well today is the time to find out! For the interests of science, the science of hosiery, I wore one sock beneath and […]

For the Summer

It’s been sooo hot this year my hosiery wearing has been a bit haphazard but for the summer if you can’t bear to bare those legs then I suggest a pair of hold ups like these Trasparenze ones called Oro. These were the last pair of hold ups I wore from May. They are ideal for weather that is very changeable, mebbe not the sweltering stuff of recent weeks. I suggest a thinner pair for these conditions. As you can see these were higher denier with a glittery, shimmering floral design. Trasparenze is a brand I rate. Good solid hosiery, […]