The number of casualties

By trying to be cost effective the number of casualties seem to be high.

When I started this blog, I wanted to share the dozen or so patterned tights I owned. Within weeks I realised my collection would need to grow in order to sustain my postings. Within months I had accumulated many pairs. This last year after filling four underbed lidded boxes and at least two large bags, I made the decision to downsize the collection. You may have noticed I am wearing previously worn tights more, and I am finding that I’m losing them.

One of the latest victims are these Golden Lady, “surrealism” tights,

a grid, criss cross embossed design punctuated with a dot. They had a back seam too. A warming pair of hose.

My conclusion for the year is, if you want to keep any hosiery then don’t wear them more than once, twice if you’re being super careful.

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