I am Hosius Funious!

Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Hosius Funious.

If you want to pretend to be wearing gladiator boots then these are the tights to wear. Oroblu “vision” are a tan pair of hosiery with a below knee pattern to imitate a Greek/Roman sandal.Very clever. The main body has an added detail. If I didn’t wear pants I might look like the cover but I do so I just look like a mad woman so no pics there.

Now I am off for a bit of an afternoon pub crawl so what shoes should I wear. Here are the nominations…
1) Too glittery and slippery
2) Second thoughts, open toe sandals with tights hmmmm
3) Duh! You can’t see the tights!
4) Good classic DMs but still hiding too much of the design
5) Gorgeous glitter Dune boots but I’m gonna be crippled by those heels
6) Ah, cute walkable, yes these are the ones for today. My odd pair of bear/kitty TUK shoe . (Remember my pair of kitty/bear are my spare shoes at work for any “ooh my feet are killing days”)

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