Birthday treats

It’s that time of year and my three main birthday treats involved tummy, body and legs.

I had a wonderful meal at Alchemilla in Nottingham.

I got a new dress from ASOS.

And I wore a pair of holdups that I’ve been waiting for a special occasion to put on.

Where shall I start? Well this ain’t a food blog so you won’t find a restaurant review here. (The food was amazing and I felt very sick at the end  of the ten course taster menu, with three amuse-bouches and a fun palette cleanser, I count that as 14 courses really)
I do not see myself as an overgarment connoisseur so no clothes reviews either! (A tiered, flitty hemmed minidress in raspberry, it had a bit of room for expanding belly)
I shall start and finish always with the hose. I have been waiting to wear these for ages. Too fancy for work, too extortionate for lounging about the house in but just right for an upmarket food place, these Falke peacock stocking top holdups are gorgeous. Look at those feathers. My breath was taken away when I revealed these.

More air was taken when I started to open up the stocking to put on. I don’t know if it was the length of time they have been laying around in storage or if it was the strength of the silicon bands but these suckers were firmly stuck together. I gently prised them apart, thinking that at any moment the bands were going to fail and detach from hose, every second felt like a lifetime and then, and then, I had to go through the whole process again with the other leg.

They feel smooth and silky. The silicon was in two wide bands which indeed was of good quality and stayed put. Worth the wait and by moisturising my legs and hands, no snags.