Happy Christmas 2019

Happy Christmas 2019! Quick write up today. Posted this pic on Instagram this morning so here is the low down. In my Christmas stocking this morning, I got some tights! Hurray. These green and red striped tights was one if them and being the big day an’ all I had to put these on today. The effect was great, the feel was good, however there was a bit of anti-gravity effect.

Winter selection 1

This is winter selection 1. Just like American TV, hoseoffun is having a Christmas break. Unlike American TV, it won’t last from November to February! However like all holiday TV, hoseoffun will be doing compilation programmes. Unlike holiday TV, these will not be old clips spliced together but tights y’all seen before and worn recently for this cold weather. Now the new thing that you may have noticed is the change of model. I’ve used my display leg. I wore these tights without taking any pictures so I needed a way to show you lots of tights quickly and efficiently. […]

A whole afternoon of planning

I spent a whole afternoon planning an outfit and then the hosiery wearers worse nightmare happened. My outfit was going to be something dark with any choice of blackish tights. As the afternoon went by my memory recalled a pair of tan shoes that I’d never worn. I had to change my dress choice. I opted for a purple and beige dress and hunted for a tan background pair of tights. There weren’t that many so my shopping list now has included patterned tanned hosiery. I chose a Jonathan Aston leaf pattern which matched brilliantly with the florals on the […]

Truly winter

It is truly winter when tights are a norm for your morning getting ready routine. I’ve been grateful for the thick woolly types these last couple of weeks but haven’t/forgotten to take pics of. These are checked ones from that China batch, which were wore when it first started cooling down. Remember quite silky feeling tights but needing superman pants to keep them up. Well these are also my indestructible batch too. I’m not keen and they don’t seem to ladder or snag and I am trying cos I’m trying to get rid. Blasphemy!!!