Winter selection 1

This is winter selection 1. Just like American TV, hoseoffun is having a Christmas break. Unlike American TV, it won’t last from November to February!

However like all holiday TV, hoseoffun will be doing compilation programmes. Unlike holiday TV, these will not be old clips spliced together but tights y’all seen before and worn recently for this cold weather.

Now the new thing that you may have noticed is the change of model. I’ve used my display leg. I wore these tights without taking any pictures so I needed a way to show you lots of tights quickly and efficiently. The leg was very effective. Why can’t human legs be as slippery as plastic ones?

These are the first three, stripes. Two pairs of long socks and my ‘elf’¹ tights.

Elf¹ so called because I wear these at Christmas and think elves wear them.