Tights tights tights

Christmas gifts 2015

Tights tights tights, they’re coming out my ears. News number 1… I won a competition and was the winner of some sexy stockings. Thank you Jonathan Aston! That was my bonus Xmas present and they arrived on Christmas Eve. And news number 2, what you’ve all been wanting to know, what I got for Christmas. Ta dah! So I’m stocked up again for a few more months!

Upcycling Project II – Heatless Curl Headband


Making Waves with the Upcycled Heatless Curl Headband Regular readers of the blog will remember my first attempts at upcycling my old hosiery. It’s fair to say it wasn’t a runaway success. However, determined not to be discouraged, I started a second upcycling project that same weekend: the heatless hair wave headband! Having seen others using headbands to curl their hair I thought I could do something similar with a pair of old tights. I tied the two ends together to form a loop and, folding the tights on themselves, made a headband to fit my head. I wrapped my […]

Upcycling, an uphill struggle with a long way to go

Upcycling was a suggestion for my laddered tights and this weekend I tried a couple of things. Upcycle idea 1, garter. I wore Via Spiga tights a couple of day ago and because they were woolly and I have the leg length of a ten year old they eventually gathered around my ankles into an attractive collection of wrinkles. Could I use a pair of old tights fasioned into a garter to hold them up? Well let’s have a go. Tying the tights together to form a loop, I then folded them onto itself into a smaller loop that fitted […]

Game On

Armonica from Trasparenze

Let’s play a game: which is which? My legs or a professional model’s legs. Answers at the bottom of page. 1a or  1b 2a or 2b 3a or 3b All the As were the model and all the Bs were me. Hope my game wasn’t too difficult for you 😆 I’m hoping to do more in the future so if you enjoyed it then please keep checking in to play!

Good Friends

My friend went shopping and got me these. Thank you friend! I’m going to wear the “Olaf” ones for Christmas. Ahh my first Noel themed tights. I love “minions” so much that I now have some very cool “minion/despicable me” themed clothes. I promise you next week, maybe the one after, ok I’ll make it soon, I’ll show you. And a pair of single side stripe.  

Old News

Some old news I have is to officially show you some other exciting purchases I made last week, bought from MyStockings. They have such a beautiful range and I drool over all the posts they make on twitter and instagram… Also yesterday was a wet, windy, chilly day and I wrapped up warm with a pair of brown, spotty thick denier tights. They kept me warm and snuggly all day and were extremely comfortable.    

Bad Legs!

Oh dear, I can’t hide my short fat calved legs any more. I didn’t hide them before but now I have to look at them and be reminded that my legs aren’t the greatest. Being short they are quite low to the ground so in reality they don’t seem so obvious. Well at least I can fully claim that this is a blog about real women, for real women! (And anyone else who is interested.) They will never look like this… compare with “Favourite/New Hosiery?”. PS. You notice my avoidance techniques? Picture of model’s legs a bit dark and picture […]

Birthday Wishes

It’s my birthday at the end of this week and as a treat to me I’m going to wear my favourite pairs of hosiery this week. Now these have not just been chosen for their looks but also for how they feel, how they fit and how good they make me feel. So some I’ve already blogged about and the others are ones I’ve saved for a special day. Today I’m wearing floral stockings.

Hosiery Problems #1-Ladders

It’s an occupational hazard for hosiery to ladder. It’s just something that happens. The strategies to stop laddering, in my opinion, don’t work. The tights will carry on laddering. Everyone has experienced it so my advice regarding ladders is to ignore them. I try to get at least one days wear out of my tights and nothing is worse than a finger through your nylons before you’ve even got one leg on. I just carefully pull the other on and go to work. From lots of angles, the tights will look fine. Hopefully, a big part of the morning will […]

Blog of Fun

I’m nearly a month into blogging and it’s been fun and funny. It’s a brilliant method to share your interests with the outside world because frankly my friends have grown accustomed to my ways, well some of my ways. My biggest tip to starting a blog is to do a web search of your subject. This is obviously something that I failed to do until the following day after I’d bought a domain name and started the blog. The web is full of unsavoury items and unknown to me in my naive state, or maybe it was denial on my […]