back pattern

Spin the bottle

I feel like the game “Spin the Bottle” with these tights. These are Oroblu “Brooke” tights. Wonderful abstract sharp shapes and lines. Clear and bold. The backs were opaque black. Comfortable but maybe it’s the way I walk or that my toes and feet are permanently numb, they twisted. They should look like this… but later looked like this… This is actually not a great picture of the movement and earlier in the day they had twisted more than this representation but you get my meaning. Good solid tights but be wary of the positioning after a few hours wear.

Shopping with an extra friend.

Let’s go shopping with an extra friend. Hidden under my skirts is Met up with some wonderful ladies and did lunch and a shop. I bought along an extra friend in the guise of a panda bear. FP has always been a fan of pandas and hopefully in her growing years this has continued. Well we all hope it continues and she’s not too polite to say she isn’t because we still look out for panda connected cornucopia for her. Bearing this in mind I thought panda tights would be an appropriate addition to our party. Received these as part […]

Trasparenze Show

Trasparenze Show

Do you remember these Trasparenze Show tights? Well if you don’t here they are.  A beautiful pair of hosiery that just finishes off an outfit. The flowers are gorgeous and you do feel that bit more special when you wear them. Halfway through the day,  I realised I hadn’t photographed the feet so please excuse their hairiness.This is what happens when you decide to have the most hirsute canine in the world.  These pictures might be very similar to the original post but I have to show you all views to completely admire these to the full.

Supernatural Powers

supernatural powers

Using my supernatural powers, with my supernatural hosiery, I am willing the cold away! With images and thoughts of hot, summery things, the winter will go and I can bask in the warmth. That was my idea with these cactus seamed purple tights from hosetights. Did it work? Not really, you see I don’t possess supernatural powers. The tights were good though! Warm, cosy, thick. The colour was deep and inspiring. I do have seam problems and at some points during the day they became side seams on one leg and off back seams on the other. I just have […]

Primark Sparkly Bows

Primark Sparkly Bows

The cold has got me. I tried so hard to be fair and to wear my winners before resorting to the remainders but my winners didn’t win because they were thick winter barriers. I have had to delve to the bottom of the storage box and pull out a few cold friendlier tights. This pair was one of them, at least they had a bit of sparkle.

Backed up with Laces and Bows

Laces and Bows

She turned her back and left in a flurry of laces and bows. That’s the effect I would have had if I were a heroine in a novel. These are Gabriella Carla holdups, received from legitup. A stunning looking pair of holdups with a lacey top, block black colour and revealing backs. The pattern of laces and bows had a little sparkle. They were comfortable and my only niggle was the silicon strip wasn’t very sticky. I had to endure quite a bit of cleaning (of the strip) and pulling up (of the stocking). This I think led to the […]

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are forever! Double diamonds today with this pair of diamond net holdups with diamond backseam by Leg Avenue. Again no silicon and so using spandex (is this elastic?) they held up by the power of strangulation. Notice the muffin top thighs! It’s a day of doubles because as well as cutting off the circulation to my legs the effect was replicated at the toes when they got tangled up in the net. They should look like the top with a comfortable covering of the toes keeping them neat and tidy but instead they sneakily slipped and the net provided […]