Ballerina boo hoo

Ballerina 285

Ballerina boo hoo, had a bit of a  cry when I put these on this morning. They came with a small ladder. I still wore them for the day and they will hold long enough to wash and wear again. Luckily for me the ladder is contained. So this pair of Ballerina hosiery art 285, consists of a general swirly pattern which winds from the foot, along the both sides of the leg and all the way to the thigh. The pattern at the front waved round to the leg which then troughed at the back. Beautiful stockings with, I […]

Ballerina 127

ballerina 127

Ballerina 127, sorry for the lack of imaginative title but this post is a bit late and a bit late in the day too. Lots of pictures though to show off all the features. So Ballerina hosiery 127 hold ups, in black sheer with a lacetops a lovely floral and cross hatch pattern. Followed by mock suspenders, leading to a side pattern which is both on inside and outside leg and a garland knee pattern encircling the knee. I had major problems with them falling down. Not sure if this was because they have been frozen or if due to […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Ballerina Noir Touch Stockings

Happy Valentine’s Day, when it gets here on Sunday. Back to the traditional sexy, impress your other half garb today with these Ballerina brand hold ups bought from a wonderful shop called mystockings, please have a look at their things, I haven’t lately because it would mean adding to my hosiery mountain. So Ballerina Noir Touch collection Art number 189 “Stunning black hold ups with faux suspender design. Delicate detailing around the top and down the side of the leg in red and black, giving the illusion of a zip running the full length of the leg.” As described by […]

Hello my name is Hose of fun and I’m a hoseaholic!

Collection 01/2016

Yes I’m a hoseaholic. I know I said I wouldn’t buy any more tights but it is the January sales and I couldn’t miss out on the sales. So from mystockings I got these packages which then turned into these tights And from simplyhosiery I got this Do I really need to buy anymore? Well cover pic is my collection of unopened brand new, never worn before packs of hosiery. So the simple answer to that is there is no simple answer, the world is a complicated place and no one knows how it all works. The only thing I […]

Freezing Hosiery – a test?

freezing hosiery, ballerina 310

Freezing hosiery is the latest fix for laddering tights. Does it work? Well yesterday evening I put this pair by Ballerina pattern No 310 into the freezer. I left them in there for a few hours and now am wearing them today. The big unknown is how do I know the freezing has worked? Unless I had two pairs of the same tights and wore them exactly the same time I can’t prove this theory. I will just have to hope it does work and when I get really expensive tights I freeze them first. Again today another picture will […]

The Joy of Yesterday

Gabriella Bacara

The joy of yesterday was not that it was a trouser day but if you’re a follower on instagram you will have seen I got a package from mystockings. It’s so exciting to get individually wrapped gifts eventhough you know what they are. And once unwrapped, the planning starts… when do I wear? What shoes? What clothes? So from this collection I’ve chosen to wear Bacara tights  by Gabriella. A 20 denier, black grid square pattern. Oooh ‘eck, I hope I don’t ladder them and I haven’t had the chance or memory to try the freezer method of ladder prevention.

Ballerina Ladder Holdups

Today I wore these pair of gorgeous Ballerina holdups from their “hush hush” range no. 328. They are black on skin and have a ladder opening seam on the back.   The detailing is absolutely lovely with silver glittery threads running through the ladder. I got them from mystockings who stock such an amazing range of beautiful hosiery that I’ve just ordered some more today!