Cordoba Contortionist

Cordoba Contortionist

I have become the Cordoba Contortionist wearing these tights. These are Fiore Cordoba tights and I have twisted my body with such skill in order to show you the back floral pattern on these hosieries. As usual I have had the Fiore silky smooth feel and the appreciation of a great design.

Sparkly Squiggles

sparkly squiggles

A last minute wardrobe change made me wear these sparkly squiggles today. By Fiore called Delana. A wavy lined back seamed with metallic thread running through it. Fiore, as always provided a silky touch finish with some movement where seam adjustment had to be made but that I think is more handler error rather than hosiery fault. Bought from simplyhosiery another amazing supplier who have a gorgeous range that isn’t to intimidating.

Hello my name is Hose of fun and I’m a hoseaholic!

Collection 01/2016

Yes I’m a hoseaholic. I know I said I wouldn’t buy any more tights but it is the January sales and I couldn’t miss out on the sales. So from mystockings I got these packages which then turned into these tights And from simplyhosiery I got this Do I really need to buy anymore? Well cover pic is my collection of unopened brand new, never worn before packs of hosiery. So the simple answer to that is there is no simple answer, the world is a complicated place and no one knows how it all works. The only thing I […]

Nadira by Fiore

Fiore Nadira my view

Tights of the day, Nadira by Fiore. A metallic patterned back seamed pair of tights in black. As usual smooth and silky to the touch. A great looking pattern with glitter thread running through it. Adding an extra bit more glamour to this festive season. Another picture later when I get some assistance.

Fiore Havana

Fiore havana

Tights of the day Fiore Havana.¬† A picture of the back to follow later but at the moment content yourself with a view of the garter effect top and as much of the back I can get in by using my contortionist abilities. My back view will look very much like this… Good silky smooth feel to them and at 20 denier they feel strong enough to withstand any vigorous movements. Later thoughts… in this case a backview

Flowing Flowers

Today’s tights of the day are from their Golden Line range by Fiore called Arletta. These are in graphite so dark grey. I feel the pattern doesn’t have the same dramatic effect in this colour and this denier (40), but comfortable all the same. The rose design is pretty without being too fussy, I suppose flowing flowers is a good base to start a side leg pattern.

Surprise at Thigh High

Fiore seamed tights

Another themed week, this time tights with a surprise at the thigh high point. This pair is Lavis by Fiore from their Golden Line range, black with a contrasting grey detail for the seam and garter effect  Smooth to the feel. The tights felt good all day and eventhough only 20 denier were extremely sturdy without being too tight. My horror when I got home and found a ladder on one of my toes!

Favourite/New Hosiery? Fiore Kiriana

New Fiore Kiriana Holdups, ready to go to work!

Today I’m going to wear one of my brand new hosiery purchases and I’m really excited about it. Could these become my new favourites? But which pair should I pick? From this batch? …or this one? In the end I went with Kiriana black patterned holdups from the Golden Line range of the Polish company Fiore,which I bought from Simply Hosiery.