Too many pairs!

I have too many pairs! I have to post quite a few rewears and I need to stop buying new ones. My source of retail therapy gone, what can I shop for now? Ahhhhhhh! My problem with repeat wear posting is my laziness. I grab the nearest store of tights and pick a random pair. This means the nearest store isn’t the box where I’ve painstakingly collected toilet rolls and carefully inserted a pair of freshly laundered hosiery and then meticulously labelled with brand and name. It’s the latest pile of clean tights that are waiting to be catalogued on […]

Oroblu Audrine

These are Oroblu Audrine tights. A net effect criss cross pattern making it look like fishnets. The “invisible” flat seam was comfortable and very streamlining. I liked them.

My Little Bro is Getting Hitched

Oroblu azalea

Today my little bro is getting hitched and to mark the occasion I am publishing an actual post. UnlessĀ  my lo tech, small brain, unresponsive fingers do something to sabotage this. I have bought/planned to wear these Oroblu tights today if it’s not hot. The climate at the moment is so unpredictable that it could be temperatures into the high 20’s or rain and sleet in the low double figures. GP soon to be GT is into pink and all that stuff so as a tribute I got these beautiful floral tights to look girly. Also I am very pleased […]

Spin the bottle

I feel like the game “Spin the Bottle” with these tights. These are Oroblu “Brooke” tights. Wonderful abstract sharp shapes and lines. Clear and bold. The backs were opaque black. Comfortable but maybe it’s the way I walk or that my toes and feet are permanently numb, they twisted. They should look like this… but later looked like this… This is actually not a great picture of the movement and earlier in the day they had twisted more than this representation but you get my meaning. Good solid tights but be wary of the positioning after a few hours wear.

Catherine of Oroblu

Catherine of Oroblu

Behold the lady Catherine of Oroblu! When you fancy something different, why not grab a pair of sky blue floral tights and beam. Good quality, comfortable hosiery. Felt a bit scratchy to begin but I think I’ve neglected my skin lately and need a good moisture treatment. How else do I make an entrance?

“Oroblu Miss”ed me

"Oroblu Miss"ed me

Over the Summer months I’ve “Oroblu Miss”ed me looking at all the beautiful hosiery I could buy. Granted Summer probably isn’t the season for tights so the range of designs has been a bit sparse. I did manage to grab some out of season specials so all was not lost. I got these out and look at the detail! A dotted waist band and a faux panty line for modesty, just in case you’ve spend all your money on silly expensive tights and none on knickers. I was impressed a nice, flash touch I thought. These are Oroblu “Miss” tights […]

Oroblu floral ladders

Oroblu floral ladders

The weather went cold AGAIN last week and I had to break into my secret stash and wear these marvellous holdups. Oroblu, Extase, a “tulle-based lace effect stay-up stockings.” With “a delicate, vertical floral pattern alternates with polka dots.” “Finished with an elegant lace top.” They were fantastic. They looked great and they stayed up all day. The pattern is very pretty and with a bit of shuffling, I suppose you could rotate them round and make them seem like you have several different pairs of tights. You know one day the flowers are on the side, the next the […]

Package from Mayfair!

Package from Mayfair!

Package from Mayfair! Followers I have been shopping. I am preparing myself for next year!! I got this yesterday and opened it to find, Thoughtfully wrapped to protect my delicates. It was like Christmas day all over! It seems a shame to not to keep them in this way, I had to rip open all this beautiful packaging to reveal what was inside, Thank you Mayfair Stockings! I am sure this is the beginning of a fulfilling relationship.