Too much pairing

Here are a few posts from winter which I never got round to blogging. These are Next tights and for the eagle eyed ones out there they look very like a pair I’ve worn before. Well I’ve not worn this particular pair but I have had a pair in a slightly different brown and they were so excellent for the winter months that I bought another pair when I found them in the bargain bucket.

Chinese New Year

I know Chinese New Year was last week and I know I’m Chinese and should pay more attention but I did put on a dress and I did wear some tights. Still on my road to recovery from an operation in January, I opted for something simple and warm. These are Aristoc cotton pointelle tights, brown/mix colour! Think it was from friend LT’s Christmas box.

Next ribbed

Next ribbed

So this pair of Next ribbed tights are the last of the batch of tights I bought from the bargain bucket at Next. Brown ribbed did very well. It was a bit chilly and I needed a bit of warmth and the straight ribbed design always gives the appearance of longer legs.

Old News

Some old news I have is to officially show you some other exciting purchases I made last week, bought from MyStockings. They have such a beautiful range and I drool over all the posts they make on twitter and instagram… Also yesterday was a wet, windy, chilly day and I wrapped up warm with a pair of brown, spotty thick denier tights. They kept me warm and snuggly all day and were extremely comfortable.