Smelling of flowers

I came up smelling of flowers today. Two trips to the pub for us. Got together for lunch in Lincolnshire with friends and then in the evening, drinks in a local pub. These tights brought out the good weather so are highly recommended. Jonathan Aston “blossom”. As the autumnal season is about to start I put on a spring themed pattern. Am I wishing time away or what. When I initially opened the pack I was a bit worried. The tights looked really long but once on, they were fine and comfortable as you can see.

Spin the bottle

I feel like the game “Spin the Bottle” with these tights. These are Oroblu “Brooke” tights. Wonderful abstract sharp shapes and lines. Clear and bold. The backs were opaque black. Comfortable but maybe it’s the way I walk or that my toes and feet are permanently numb, they twisted. They should look like this… but later looked like this… This is actually not a great picture of the movement and earlier in the day they had twisted more than this representation but you get my meaning. Good solid tights but be wary of the positioning after a few hours wear.

Shopping with an extra friend.

Let’s go shopping with an extra friend. Hidden under my skirts is Met up with some wonderful ladies and did lunch and a shop. I bought along an extra friend in the guise of a panda bear. FP has always been a fan of pandas and hopefully in her growing years this has continued. Well we all hope it continues and she’s not too polite to say she isn’t because we still look out for panda connected cornucopia for her. Bearing this in mind I thought panda tights would be an appropriate addition to our party. Received these as part […]

Back to “here’s one I’ve worn before”

Back to "here's one I've worn before"

Back to “here’s one I’ve worn before”, this is referring to the lack of new tights I’ve not worn and I do still have a few stashed away and still adding to. A comfy pair last worn and blogged about in Next spotty. I love the big spots on these and they were part of a bargain lot I bought. Hopefully these pictures a bit clearer,  at least they’re in the light.  

Big reveal!!! What I chose from StopandStare

Big reveal!!! What I chose from StopandStare

Big reveal!!! What I chose from StopandStare with my runner up prize. Ta dah! The cherry blossom design. I really like their designs, and I like the soft feel of their tights. I chose the cherry blossom because I love the way it’s a two leg asymmetric pattern that creates a singular picture on each leg but becomes a whole bigger scene when put together. Beautiful!

More of the natural look

More of the natural look

Here is more of the natural look for you. Stop and Stare tattoo hosiery which I got from Mystockings. Great soft feel and a great design of dandelion musical notes. On viewing that post “Oh bejeezus, what a terrible out of focus picture!” Another multiple wear pair tho! Extra note, remember I was a runner up winner in a recent competition with them. I’ve still got to show you what I decided to get so stay tuned!

A season of nude.

A season of nude.

I have prepared a season of nude hosiery. With lighter weeeks and warmer days, black tights weren’t for me so for a few days before the humidity caught me I wore some natural coloured tights. So here’s the first. Le Bourget tattoo tights. This pair I wore last year , a design of butterflies all the way from France, check out my link, I wrote a good review ! 😉

Retracing Missed Opportunities

retracing Missed opportunities

I am retracing missed opportunities. My phone died on me a few weeks ago and after reinstalling it I lost a couple of pictures. One was a rewear so no need to panic and the other was a record of when I wore a pair of Vera Wang, SimplyVera tights “cluster rose”. They were good. Not specifically a control top pair but with enough lycra to suck you in a little. The pattern was a black rose/floral design on a nude background. Quite an bold look. I thought I would have to schedule another wear as soon as I was […]