Fishnet protectors

As usual I’m revealing the secrets of a hosiery wearer with this view of my fishnet protectors. If I’m being an optimist then this is a two for one post. Underneath this sexy exterior lies this! An extra pair of hosiery to stop the fishnets from rubbing my soles and causing blisters. The fishnets are Donna Karan signature collection micro tulle and the socks were a freebie with an order from China. Yes they did protect, and yes I was aware of them all the time, and yes the sexy woman aura wasn’t as sexy.

Shopping with an extra friend.

Let’s go shopping with an extra friend. Hidden under my skirts is Met up with some wonderful ladies and did lunch and a shop. I bought along an extra friend in the guise of a panda bear. FP has always been a fan of pandas and hopefully in her growing years this has continued. Well we all hope it continues and she’s not too polite to say she isn’t because we still look out for panda connected cornucopia for her. Bearing this in mind I thought panda tights would be an appropriate addition to our party. Received these as part […]

Next Next spots

Next Next spots

Next Next spots are me third offering from my treasures I got a week ago. The spots are fairly large and against the tan/natural background they stood out really well. They were described at work as a daring pair of tights but they obviously hadn’t been witness to my numerous other offerings which I do consider daring and wacky and out of this world. With a reinforced toe they were comfortable and I have been chuffed to bits with this magical hoarde I bought.

Valentines Week

Valentine Hearts Tights

Valentines Week for hoseoffun is going to feel a bit early because the day itself is Sunday and I’m not at work on Friday. Bought all of these a few weeks ago in preparation for the big day and got messeages of delivery times of 15th Feb. Not promising for my theme week but I’ve been lucky and they have all come in time, phew! Bought via Amazon, these hearts go all the way down the leg on the back.