New Years Eve

New years Eve

New Years Eve and a day at home for a change this year. Today I am attempting to make homemade ravioli from recipes in my Christmas gift pasta book and my pasta ravioli cutter Christmas gifts. I’m even going to try rolling out the pasta by simple rolling pin rather than pasta machine. Since it is New Years Eve I could not not wear tights today for this momentous occassion! I’ve chosen a sparkly, glittery fleur de lis stylee pattern pair from George at Asda, part of my Christmas gift assortment from my good friends.

Tights tights tights

Christmas gifts 2015

Tights tights tights, they’re coming out my ears. News number 1… I won a competition and was the winner of some sexy stockings. Thank you Jonathan Aston! That was my bonus Xmas present and they arrived on Christmas Eve. And news number 2, what you’ve all been wanting to know, what I got for Christmas. Ta dah! So I’m stocked up again for a few more months!

Nadira by Fiore

Fiore Nadira my view

Tights of the day, Nadira by Fiore. A metallic patterned back seamed pair of tights in black. As usual smooth and silky to the touch. A great looking pattern with glitter thread running through it. Adding an extra bit more glamour to this festive season. Another picture later when I get some assistance.