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Fiore Havana

Fiore havana

Tights of the day Fiore Havana.  A picture of the back to follow later but at the moment content yourself with a view of the garter effect top and as much of the back I can get in by using my contortionist abilities. My back view will look very much like this… Good silky smooth feel to them and at 20 denier they feel strong enough to withstand any vigorous movements. Later thoughts… in this case a backview

Seconds anyone?

Spotty Sunday Tights from Vera Wang

Seconds anyone? After a busy weekend and Monday, here are two pairs to sate your appetite. Sunday helpings was the spotty affair you can see above. Simply Vera by Vera Wang. Control tops to shape you up. I just find that means being squashed up and I feel like Houdini when I’m pulling them up. Today’s main course is this old pair I’ve pulled out of my drawer. A vertical pattern of links and chains. Quite difficult to photograph because the design is textured and they’re thick tights.   Later thoughts… Quite soon after putting on the chains and links […]

Despicable Me Combo

Off to see family today so because there are some little uns, I’ve got a “Despicable Me” combo. My minions pseudostockings from Primark and a “It’s So Fluffy” t shirt also a Primark special. Later thoughts… Boo hoo! Just ten minutes before leaving the house I noticed a hole in my tights where the black turns into the tan. I had to change! I was NOT happy. I chose a more modest pair and what made me happy was the way they made me look tall and slim. Go vertical stripes! Tights by Vera Wang from her Simply Vera range […]

Bad Legs!

Oh dear, I can’t hide my short fat calved legs any more. I didn’t hide them before but now I have to look at them and be reminded that my legs aren’t the greatest. Being short they are quite low to the ground so in reality they don’t seem so obvious. Well at least I can fully claim that this is a blog about real women, for real women! (And anyone else who is interested.) They will never look like this… compare with “Favourite/New Hosiery?”. PS. You notice my avoidance techniques? Picture of model’s legs a bit dark and picture […]

Tartan Knee Highs

These tights I will be retiring after today. They are mock tartan knee highs, which I have worn several times to the point that there is a hole in the toe. I love them so much that I have tried to darn the hole to gain a few more wears out of them. (Who darns tights?! Well neither do I, I did such a bad job that the hole came back immediately). Due to this damage, they have been my number 2 favourite tights rather than my favourite pair of tights. Later thoughts. I put these on and thought to […]

Strike ONE

Strike one! That was my first and only thought when I titled this post. One singular black stripe down on outside leg. The stripe itself is tacky to the touch. Very subtle on sight. I feel quite military when wearing them. Later thoughts… Strike that 😆 they’re more like a tuxedo sideline.

Winter’s Coming

Yes, Winter’s coming and to prove it I have a sniffling wet nose, chills and sneezes. Better get cosy and warmed up with a pair of thick grey, nordic patterned woolly tights. First wore these in Iceland a couple of years ago, probably under trousers because it was sooo cold. Later thoughts… I keep encountering the same problems! I have worn these pair of tights a few times. As noted above, they are perfect for a cold, cold day but because the have been washed and are of thicker material, I think they have shrunk a bit. Either that or […]

Plain and Simple But Surprisingly Warm

Can’t go wrong with a pair of plain old supermarket brand (I think) fishnet tights. I always think fishnets are not a pair of tights for a chilly day but every time I risk putting a pair on I’m surprisingly warm. So physic geeks out there, the holes do provide insulation, hard to believe but true. Later thoughts… My problems with tights. So after a day at work wearing these, ok aesthetically very pleasing but as the day wore on, I experienced a feeling of my toe being strangled. Thought it might have gone through a hole but on inspection, […]