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Big reveal!!! What I chose from StopandStare

Big reveal!!! What I chose from StopandStare

Big reveal!!! What I chose from StopandStare with my runner up prize. Ta dah! The cherry blossom design. I really like their designs, and I like the soft feel of their tights. I chose the cherry blossom because I love the way it’s a two leg asymmetric pattern that creates a singular picture on each leg but becomes a whole bigger scene when put together. Beautiful!

Please help!

Please help!

Please help! They are an online hosiery shop and unfortunately they have had to close down due to family commitments. They were great and friendly and had such a huge potential in this market. You can see the beautigul goodies I got from them. At the moment they are doing an instagram daily sale so please tune in legitup@legitup to grab a bargain!

My Planned First Post

planned first post

This was my planned first post, a little preview into what goodies lie ahead, but the weather prevented my ideas so this becomes my second of the season. During the summer I have been raiding the shop shelves for possible Hose of Fun pieces. This is what I’ve collected so far.           Cleaned up it becomes: New logo? Or just a way of showing you what’s in store? I’m going to use it when I post any miscellaneous thoughts and findings. 😛  

Hosiery Snob, not me!

Hosiery snob, not me

Hosiery Snob, not me! Here at hoseoffun I show you the finer things in life like this collection I’ve bought from legsavenue. I also show you that you don’t have to remortgage your house to have fun and be sexy with tights with these two pairs I got from local discount shop Boyes.

Package from Mayfair!

Package from Mayfair!

Package from Mayfair! Followers I have been shopping. I am preparing myself for next year!! I got this yesterday and opened it to find, Thoughtfully wrapped to protect my delicates. It was like Christmas day all over! It seems a shame to not to keep them in this way, I had to rip open all this beautiful packaging to reveal what was inside, Thank you Mayfair Stockings! I am sure this is the beginning of a fulfilling relationship.

Bargain Bucket Specials

bargain bucket special

Welcome to bargain bucket special! Remember these, well, I wore the sparkly multicoloured ones a few weekends ago and yesterday I wore the chevron ones for work. They were great, really comfortable, no slippage and they looked fab. Just the spotty ones to go.

Hello my name is Hose of fun and I’m a hoseaholic!

Collection 01/2016

Yes I’m a hoseaholic. I know I said I wouldn’t buy any more tights but it is the January sales and I couldn’t miss out on the sales. So from mystockings I got these packages which then turned into these tights And from simplyhosiery I got this Do I really need to buy anymore? Well cover pic is my collection of unopened brand new, never worn before packs of hosiery. So the simple answer to that is there is no simple answer, the world is a complicated place and no one knows how it all works. The only thing I […]

Post Christmas/Pre-New Year Blues

How to solve those post Christmas/pre-New Year blues? By wearing a brand new pair of Christmas present hosiery. Ok, I went a bit mad when I added these to my wish list, and got a couple of tights of a colour I wouldn’t normally choose but a little madness has always made my life more fun! These Trasparenze pair of tights are called Gipsy and instead of the more usual black are in white. They are a fancy fishnet so white on skin.

Tights tights tights

Christmas gifts 2015

Tights tights tights, they’re coming out my ears. News number 1… I won a competition and was the winner of some sexy stockings. Thank you Jonathan Aston! That was my bonus Xmas present and they arrived on Christmas Eve. And news number 2, what you’ve all been wanting to know, what I got for Christmas. Ta dah! So I’m stocked up again for a few more months!