Keeping warm with the hoses

Keeping warm with the hoses

Are you keeping warm with the hoses? Remember to wrap up and stay warm by wearing those thick woolly tights that you’ve got deep inside those drawers of yours. These are due for retirement, I’ve cleverly hidden the numerous holes from your view by positioning them on the back. Hey I don’t see them so that’s ok. I am very excited today because I’ve received a few pairs in the post that I’m planning for a Valentine theme week, towards Valentine’s Day and an animal print week that I’m going to put on this coming week so remember to stay […]

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve attire

Yippee, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m doing my best to look like an incognito elf with these stripy red and orange Falke woolley tights. Hope it’s going to be a cold day because they do keep me rather warm. My 5 foot frame doesn’t help with my whole sophisticated elf look because they also have a tendency to fall and gather at the ankle. So I’ll look like Nora Batty trying to look like an elf.

Despicable Me Combo

Off to see family today so because there are some little uns, I’ve got a “Despicable Me” combo. My minions pseudostockings from Primark and a “It’s So Fluffy” t shirt also a Primark special. Later thoughts… Boo hoo! Just ten minutes before leaving the house I noticed a hole in my tights where the black turns into the tan. I had to change! I was NOT happy. I chose a more modest pair and what made me happy was the way they made me look tall and slim. Go vertical stripes! Tights by Vera Wang from her Simply Vera range […]

On the Sideline

Morning everyone! Special double bill for you today, today’s tights and yesterday’s. So today’s tights of the day are these Primark spotty ones with a black sideline stripe. And yesterday’s tights of the day were Charnos black zigzags from quite a few years ago. Part of the original set which sparked off this wild journey.

Good Friends

My friend went shopping and got me these. Thank you friend! I’m going to wear the “Olaf” ones for Christmas. Ahh my first Noel themed tights. I love “minions” so much that I now have some very cool “minion/despicable me” themed clothes. I promise you next week, maybe the one after, ok I’ll make it soon, I’ll show you. And a pair of single side stripe.  

Rainbow Stripe

Rainbow striped tights in black

Drum roll please…. these are my current favourites – Rainbow Stripe tights! This I assume will change soon because as you may have noticed I have bought quite a few new pairs recently so surely within my new collections something will supersede them. I love them because they feel so silky smooth and they look great. I have worn them so many times as you can see from all the nicks. If you were to push me, I would either say I got these in a sale at a large department store, therefore a branded pair of some description, or […]

Strike ONE

Strike one! That was my first and only thought when I titled this post. One singular black stripe down on outside leg. The stripe itself is tacky to the touch. Very subtle on sight. I feel quite military when wearing them. Later thoughts… Strike that 😆 they’re more like a tuxedo sideline.

Black Stripes

black stripes

I’ve had these tights for a long time. I’ve kept them separately from the others for historic reasons, these and another pair. They fit, are warm and are comfortable. All extremely important points. They are Charnos, black with stripes. Probably my first couple of pairs that weren’t store standards and patterned rather than plain black. My first few ventures into exciting legwear started with these.

Vera Wang Stripes

The weather is horrible and rainy, so to keep warm and dry I have on a pair of Vera Wang,  grey vertical stripes in black. They are a bit long in the leg for me but the they do have a soft feel to them. Trying to vary my pictures so trying different orientations. With an additional image in the traditional way.