Favourite/New Hosiery? Fiore Kiriana

New Fiore Kiriana Holdups, ready to go to work!

Today I’m going to wear one of my brand new hosiery purchases and I’m really excited about it. Could these become my new favourites? But which pair should I pick? From this batch? …or this one? In the end I went with Kiriana black patterned holdups from the Golden Line range of the Polish company Fiore,which I bought from Simply Hosiery.

Exciting Purchases

Guess who’s been shopping? I have made some very exciting purchases. Can’t wait to wear them!!! All bought from simplyhosieryonline. Good range and quick to deliver. My problem is when do I wear them?! I have worn tights today but a repeat pair because I enjoyed their look so much I wanted to admire them again… And if you want to see the original post, “Wave Goodbye to your Thirties“

Blog of Fun

I’m nearly a month into blogging and it’s been fun and funny. It’s a brilliant method to share your interests with the outside world because frankly my friends have grown accustomed to my ways, well some of my ways. My biggest tip to starting a blog is to do a web search of your subject. This is obviously something that I failed to do until the following day after I’d bought a domain name and started the blog. The web is full of unsavoury items and unknown to me in my naive state, or maybe it was denial on my […]

Pretty Stockings

stockings bows and flowers

The problem with stockings is they draw the wrong type of attention which is a shame because they are really pretty and quite comfortable. On a typical Spring or autumnal day they can provide warmth but also ventilation! This pair, from Italy, are black with a floral pattern. The stocking tops are nude coloured with bows, so pretty and unusual, but hidden from the public eye! Pretty stockings indeed. Additional blogging. Great news, whilst opening a pack for blog entry “bit draughty in here“, I found the tights version of these hold ups. Drum roll please… They are by Trasparenze […]

Why tights and stockings and hosiery?

Angela, author of!

Everyone seems to be blogging so jumping on the bandwagon, what can I blog regularly about? Telling the world what I had for my dinner each night seemed like a good idea but I repeat meals all the time. So hearing me have spaghetti bolognese for the twentieth time this year doesn’t sound that inspiring. Knitting! I could write about my knitting. I’ve been knitting for nearly four years and even though my finished products have been unique and practical, they do take a long time to complete so not really a subject that will have regular posts. What can […]