Birthday treats

It’s that time of year and my three main birthday treats involved tummy, body and legs. I had a wonderful meal at Alchemilla in Nottingham. I got a new dress from ASOS. And I wore a pair of holdups that I’ve been waiting for a special occasion to put on. Where shall I start? Well this ain’t a food blog so you won’t find a restaurant review here. (The food was amazing and I felt very sick at the end  of the ten course taster menu, with three amuse-bouches and a fun palette cleanser, I count that as 14 courses […]

Getting a bit of culture

Mr. Hose and I are off work so we’re getting a bit of culture. The plan was to absorb some art with visits to Nottingham Contemporary gallery and one we’d not tried, the New Art Exchange and lunch. My look of the day had to reflect this bohemian day. My ASOS suede red dress came out with my knee high boots and my Gudrun and Gudrun oversized cardigan. The best hosiery to match these were obviously a pair of distinctive net tights like these Calvin Klein crochet fishnets. With my hair plaited I felt properly arty farty. Underneath this persona […]

I am Hosius Funious!

Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Hosius Funious. If you want to pretend to be wearing gladiator boots then these are the tights to wear. Oroblu “vision” are a tan pair of hosiery with a below knee pattern to imitate a Greek/Roman sandal.Very clever. The main body has an added detail. If I didn’t wear pants I might look like the cover but I do so I just look like a mad woman so no pics there. Now I am off for a bit of an afternoon pub crawl so what shoes should I wear. Here are the nominations…1) Too […]

Eye catching outfit

Want to create an eye catching outfit, then these moustache tights will be just up your street. Pairing them with work black, I like to break up the seriousness with a fine pair of statement hosiery. Love these!

Full steam ahead

Full steam ahead, I’m back on top form with regular posts. Well that’s what I’m hoping to do. These beauties are a grey tramline design from Marilyn, called inventively “shine E15”. The grey bits were slightly shiny and the tramlines were well defined. Good. My only problem was trying to keep the lines straight. I think it’s my funny walk! 😆

The most hardy of all

The most hardy of all hosiery are the ones we don’t have much love for. Following on from my “number of casualties” post, I thought I, I, let’s try to get rid of some of those pairs from a China batch. These tights are indeed value for money, and they did have quite a silky smooth feel to them but they do fall a bit and leave you with a loose crotch. Superhero pants are required! Other than a few snags these tights, I predict will outlast them all!

A kaleidoscope of colour

Look! I’ve created a kaleidoscope of colour! Ahhh beautiful, it’s my version of the “dumbo” drunk montage. For any of you who want to see the hosiery … I went to see the Rocky Horror Show and had a blast. It’s a great way to dress up in a ridiculous way and show off those stockings you’ve stuffed in the wardrobe. I even put on false eyelashes. Yes they are feathers and no my vision wasn’t great, they do get in the way. The hosiery is by legavenue, rainbow holdups.

The number of casualties

By trying to be cost effective the number of casualties seem to be high. When I started this blog, I wanted to share the dozen or so patterned tights I owned. Within weeks I realised my collection would need to grow in order to sustain my postings. Within months I had accumulated many pairs. This last year after filling four underbed lidded boxes and at least two large bags, I made the decision to downsize the collection. You may have noticed I am wearing previously worn tights more, and I am finding that I’m losing them. One of the latest […]