Upcycling Project II – Heatless Curl Headband


Making Waves with the Upcycled Heatless Curl Headband Regular readers of the blog will remember my first attempts at upcycling my old hosiery. It’s fair to say it wasn’t a runaway success. However, determined not to be discouraged, I started a second upcycling project that same weekend: the heatless hair wave headband! Having seen others using headbands to curl their hair I thought I could do something similar with a pair of old tights. I tied the two ends together to form a loop and, folding the tights on themselves, made a headband to fit my head. I wrapped my […]

Upcycling, an uphill struggle with a long way to go

Upcycling was a suggestion for my laddered tights and this weekend I tried a couple of things. Upcycle idea 1, garter. I wore Via Spiga tights a couple of day ago and because they were woolly and I have the leg length of a ten year old they eventually gathered around my ankles into an attractive collection of wrinkles. Could I use a pair of old tights fasioned into a garter to hold them up? Well let’s have a go. Tying the tights together to form a loop, I then folded them onto itself into a smaller loop that fitted […]