My Favourite Footsie

My Favourite Footsie

Having moaned about my footsie, I’m going to show you my favourite footsie. Got these from Asos a couple of years ago and I love ’em. The cat and dog odd sock pattern is so fun! And look how they fit snuggly into my shoes and peek through the window. I still get slippage but heigh ho, I’m a sucker for uniqueness.

Legsavenue Mustachioed

legsavenue mustachioed

Had a fun day wearing these¬†legsavenue mustachioed tights. Very vibrant and a recognisable pattern. No slippage so no wrinkles and they stayed put. After wearing a series of black tights I did feel a little exposed but that will wear off as the tights season progresses and I start getting more wacky coloured hosiery.  

Good Friends

My friend went shopping and got me these. Thank you friend! I’m going to wear the “Olaf” ones for Christmas. Ahh my first Noel themed tights. I love “minions” so much that I now have some very cool “minion/despicable me” themed clothes. I promise you next week, maybe the one after, ok I’ll make it soon, I’ll show you. And a pair of single side stripe.  

Hello Kitty!

Morning everyone. Today a pseudostocking, with a “Hello Kitty” peeking out. Black and nude from the job lot from China. These can get a little, well a bit more than a little tight around the tummy area after a day on so I just pull them down and release the tummy pressure every so often to get me to home time.