News Catch Up

News Catch Up

This is a news catch up. After a whole month plus days I thought it was time to show you my Christmas presents. Bought for me by my two BFFs. Ladies who know me the best! Looking forward to wearing these.

Leg it go

Leg it go

In the words of Elsa, when you are confined to the house just leg it go! I am butting in with this post and proudly presenting you with my third leg. Hmmm, if your friend has just had a major operation and is recuperating at home, what do you get them? Well my friends get me a display mannequin leg and I love it. I had a rather scary moment when I opened it. My thoughts were “How do I get these potential serial killers out of my house!” and “do they know something about my treatment that I don’t?” […]

Tights tights tights

Christmas gifts 2015

Tights tights tights, they’re coming out my ears. News number 1… I won a competition and was the winner of some sexy stockings. Thank you Jonathan Aston! That was my bonus Xmas present and they arrived on Christmas Eve. And news number 2, what you’ve all been wanting to know, what I got for Christmas. Ta dah! So I’m stocked up again for a few more months!

The Joy of Yesterday

Gabriella Bacara

The joy of yesterday was not that it was a trouser day but if you’re a follower on instagram you will have seen I got a package from mystockings. It’s so exciting to get individually wrapped gifts eventhough you know what they are. And once unwrapped, the planning starts… when do I wear? What shoes? What clothes? So from this collection I’ve chosen to wear Bacara tights  by Gabriella. A 20 denier, black grid square pattern. Oooh ‘eck, I hope I don’t ladder them and I haven’t had the chance or memory to try the freezer method of ladder prevention.

Birthday Gifts

Birthday presents

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago so I wanted to share my hosiery gifts. Stockings, holdups  and suspender belt from very handsome husband. Stockings and underwear from Figleaves and holdups by Charnos. I haven’t worn it properly yet but am looking forward to trying it out!

Good Friends

My friend went shopping and got me these. Thank you friend! I’m going to wear the “Olaf” ones for Christmas. Ahh my first Noel themed tights. I love “minions” so much that I now have some very cool “minion/despicable me” themed clothes. I promise you next week, maybe the one after, ok I’ll make it soon, I’ll show you. And a pair of single side stripe.