Shopping with an extra friend.

Let’s go shopping with an extra friend. Hidden under my skirts is Met up with some wonderful ladies and did lunch and a shop. I bought along an extra friend in the guise of a panda bear. FP has always been a fan of pandas and hopefully in her growing years this has continued. Well we all hope it continues and she’s not too polite to say she isn’t because we still look out for panda connected cornucopia for her. Bearing this in mind I thought panda tights would be an appropriate addition to our party. Received these as part […]

Alice and Olivia came for the day

Pretty Polly Alice and Olivia

Alice and Olivia came out to play. These are lace ruffle top knee highs from Pretty Polly Alice and Olivia range. A delightful floral lace sock with a ruffle top. Comfortable, stayed up. The ruffle top deserved to be shown for its uniqueness but I don’t quite know what the outfit combo should be. I started the day wearing a long dress which hid the socks. I changed into a shorter dress in the afternoon so I did look a little weird if you live in middle agedom, as I do. Leggings/skinny jeans would create a bulge where the ruffle […]