Herringbone Ladder

herringbone ladder

Thought I’d keep it relatively simple today with this pair of herringbone ladder pattern tights. I needed a well defined pattern running all the way along the length of the leg which wasn’t too busy or complicated to go with my knee high boots and short dress combo today, which is exactly what this pair of hosiery by MeMoi provides. They are soft and comfortable and supposedly control topped, but I’ll let you know how that goes towards the end of the day.

Ballerina Ladder Holdups

Today I wore these pair of gorgeous Ballerina holdups from their “hush hush” range no. 328. They are black on skin and have a ladder opening seam on the back.   The detailing is absolutely lovely with silver glittery threads running through the ladder. I got them from mystockings who stock such an amazing range of beautiful hosiery that I’ve just ordered some more today!    

Surprise at Thigh High

Fiore seamed tights

Another themed week, this time tights with a surprise at the thigh high point. This pair is Lavis by Fiore from their Golden Line range, black with a contrasting grey detail for the seam and garter effect  Smooth to the feel. The tights felt good all day and eventhough only 20 denier were extremely sturdy without being too tight. My horror when I got home and found a ladder on one of my toes!

Hosiery Problems #1-Ladders

It’s an occupational hazard for hosiery to ladder. It’s just something that happens. The strategies to stop laddering, in my opinion, don’t work. The tights will carry on laddering. Everyone has experienced it so my advice regarding ladders is to ignore them. I try to get at least one days wear out of my tights and nothing is worse than a finger through your nylons before you’ve even got one leg on. I just carefully pull the other on and go to work. From lots of angles, the tights will look fine. Hopefully, a big part of the morning will […]